Tlingit Art By Kingsawin

Who is the Artist Kingsawin?

Kingsawin is a 4th generation artist, shipwright and Native Alaskan of the Tlingit People from the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America. Follow James “Kingsawin” Reed as he transitions from his boat building career, where he operated under the business name Chipwright,  to becoming a full time artist.  Kingsawin is also the co-founder of the Crypto Native Art Collective™. Click here to read more about Kingsawin.

What is Chipwright?

For more than thirty years Chipwright was a fully insured business owned and operated by shipwright James Reed, a boat builder, who specialized in repairing fiberglass, awlgrip, gel coat and light carpentry.   Starting in 2021 the only boat that Kingsawin is working on is his own, a 1972 Pacific Northwest Wood Schooner named SpiritHawk.

What is a Shipwright?

A Shipwright is a person who went to school to learn to build boats and ships, apprenticed as a shipwright and made building and working on boats his career.  Essentially, a shipwright is a carpenter skilled in boat construction and repair.

What is the Crypto Native Art Collective™?

The Crypto Native Art Collective was founded by Kingsawin and his partner, Sheree Lincoln who is an artist and web designer. It is an art collective created to honor our Ancestors by building an online digital gallery for what has traditionally been called Native American Art through the power of a collective for emerging and established North American Indigenous Artists expressing the Soul of Indian Country…and weaving it into the World Wide Web. Learn more at