My name is James  Reed.  I am a  4th Generation Shipwright and Artist raised and trained in the Pacific Northwest. “I am Kingsawin” of the Tongass Tribe of the Tlingit People.  We are known as The People of the Tides a canoe culture of the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America.

I am Eagle Bear Clan. I come from Southeast Alaska, where for generations, our indigenous people have existed as mariners and canoe travelers, fishermen, hunters, gatherers, and traders.  It was only natural for me to become a shipbuilder.  Our Tribe has a rich heritage as craftsman and artists.

I studied boat building at Bates Vocational College in Tacoma Washington, where I received a degree in Boat Building.  I also taught boat building at Northwest Indian College at the Lumi Nation for two years after receiving my associates degree.

I have lived on a sailboat for over twenty years.  SpiritHawk is a beautiful wooden Pacific Northwest Schooner that I rescued and rebuilt.  She is currently undergoing a refit as I am getting her ready to sail the Caribbean next year.  You can follow the refitting process on facebook @sailingspirithawk at www.facebook.com/sailingspirithawk

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